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L.A.P.E.  College

Higher Standard In Professional Education

Legal Education

L.A.P.E.C. Faculty 

The Hon. Justice Rick Libman  legal education

(Ontario Court of Justice)

B.A, LL.B, LL.M, Ph.D.

Mr. Muhammad Watto
Educator, Designated Subject Matter Expert, and Program Designer 

Ms. Phyllis Ramkumar
Former Senior Citizenship and Immigration Officer (PM3) 23 years - RCIC
Bachelor of Administrative Studies from York University
Educator and Designated Subject Matter Expert at L.A.P.E.C.

Kesner Wilfrid Aristide
FSL (French Language Instructor)

Teaching standard and excellence is crucial to L.A.P.E.C.

Most of L.A.P.E.C.'s educators are leading professionals within respective occupations and industries. They not only have years of practical experience in related professions but also are experts in teaching approaches both in distance education as well as in-class.