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1- Advance Certification in Canadian Legal Research-Writing Course

50% Discount - Regular fee CAD 229 after Discount = CAD 114

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​​Special discounts for former students, sponsors and clients of affiliated members

How can LAPEC’s programs assist former students, sponsors and clients of affiliated members?

LAPEC often offers special discounts to members of the public and certain professionals , for specific courses. These discounts are offered to the public globally without any jurisdictional or discriminatory boundaries.


Applicant must meet at least one of the following criteria for special discounts:

  • If you are a member of a union or association that has a corporate account at LAPEC
  • If you are a client or customer of LAPEC ‘s current or past student body
  • If you are a legal professional and registered member of any other organisation which is listed on LAPEC’s program sponsorship or Sponsors page
  • Or if you have received a direct message with discount offer/code from LAPEC as a part of a specific program promotion. Click here  to sign up for our mailing list.

How it works:

Contact your respective union, association or organization for instructions to access courses.

You may this LAPEC’s sponsor’s website page and contact the respective organization for a special discount offer CODE and instructions.

If you are a client of a Lawyer, Immigration Consultant or student representative/agent who is a member of one of LAPEC’s affiliate organizations, such as PDLES, UCICA, CPD House, or an ASC (Advance Study Certified) professional from LAPEC, you may receive a free or 50% discounted course registration code.

You may contact your representative or counsel and request a special discount CODE.

Once you have a discount code for LAPEC’s specific educational program, you may visit the related program web page from this website menu and complete your registration to receive further instructions and to access the respective course.

LAPEC reserves the right to change or cancel any promotion or special discount offer with or without notice.

All LAPEC policies will be applied equally on all registrations.

LAPEC Sponsors and registered affiliates